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Cymanfa Ganu

We have been invited to particpate in the Gymanfa Ganu for the RNLI on Saturday 11 August in Capel Tabernacl New Quay.

I imagine it will mean doing up to 4 pieces, which would have to be sacred ones, with at least one in Welsh. (at present 'Down in the River' and perhaps 'My sister my bride' are the two in the frame).

I'll be meeting up soon with Liz Singer from the RNLI, and hopefully with Chris Bolton, who's leading the Gymanfa, to find out more detail.

So it would be good to know your availability and thoughts about this one.

See you on Monday.

First performance survived!

Most of the choir were able to sing at the Penwig Hotel in New Quay on St David's Day - an appropriate occasion for our first public performance. The evening was a fund-raiser for the RNLI, and Cor Cei led a rousing version of Mae hen wlad fy nhadau before setting a Name that Tune round and performing Tim Hart and Maddy Prior's arrangement of the sea song Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy. The success of the evening has already brought in another invitation to perform, so it looks as though Cor Cei will be in demand!

Details for the Penwig tomorrow

Details for tomorrow night are confirmed as follows;

7pm Church Hall rehearsal

Dress: Men; black trousers, white shirts       Women; black skirts or trousers, balck tops.       All to wear daffodils provided by Kate.

In the Penwig

The National Anthem will be at the start of the Quiz, c.8pm

It's £1 a head to join in the Quiz in teams of four.

Then there will be two or three rounds of the Quiz, before the interval, in which we will do our Quiz round and Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy.

What should we wear?

Always a thorny topic: what should the choir wear? It's one I can never get very interested in (I've never noticed it make a difference to the sound) but I know that it will matter to lots of you.

Bring ideas tonight. Here are a few suggestions so far: black bottoms (trousers or skirts) and white tops; or black bottoms with a choice of colours for tops; black bottoms and tops - perhaps with a splash of red - a belt, a tie, brooch, a pair of red shoes; or on this occasion all black with a daffodil buttonhole for St David's Day.


New consulting group

I am very pleased that the following people have agreed to be part of the Consulting Group (I'm desperately trying to avoid the word 'committee') for Cor Cei:

Andy, Brian, Helen and Kayleigh.

I especially wanted people who would represent different groups of members, so it is nice to have Helen, who was part of the first group of members, Brian, who can represent issues for those who don't work by website and email, and Kayleigh, who can represent the younger members of the group: and Andy of course has already been an enormous help with scores and MP3s etc.

Saint David's Day request

Liz Singer of the RNLI fundraising brach has asked if we would like to lead some singing at their Quiz Night on St David's Day (Friday 1st March).

So we'll have a chat tonight to see how many can do it - and what we should do!

We gotta pianist!

Yay! We gotta pianist.

Hope to introduce her to you all on Monday.


Cor-Cei online!

Choir members can now, for the first time, see the music of a piece, while playing it as an MP3 file through the Cor-Cei website. We think it will make it hugely easier for members to learn songs, whether they are beginners or even more experienced singers.

Thunderbirds are go!

Or something like that! We have our first song in the repertoire section where you can play the MP3 while reading the score. It also, incidentally, gives you the correct words to the song.

Please print off the PDF for yourself and you'll have the full correct version. This enables us to cut out the middle man -viz. the blasted photocopier.

And welcome to another three new members from last night: Ann, Nicky and Sarah! 

Great first session: well done all!

Great first session of the new term last night. Four new members: welcome to Michael and Denise, Amy and Christine. We worked hard at We'll may the keel row and had fun with The Goodnight Song and a sing-around. We decided we'd meet on all the Mondays of this term, including the Monday of Half Term.

See you next week.