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Details for the Penwig tomorrow

Details for tomorrow night are confirmed as follows;

7pm Church Hall rehearsal

Dress: Men; black trousers, white shirts       Women; black skirts or trousers, balck tops.       All to wear daffodils provided by Kate.

In the Penwig

The National Anthem will be at the start of the Quiz, c.8pm

It's £1 a head to join in the Quiz in teams of four.

Then there will be two or three rounds of the Quiz, before the interval, in which we will do our Quiz round and Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy.

It's an ordinary food night at the Penwig, so these timings may be a bit approximate; but it does mean that eg Kayleigh doesn't really need to be there till 9pm to do our bit.

See you tomorrow. May iask you to inform any you know who don't do email?